Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Burnay Now & Burnaby News Leader took photos of this electric truck which runs on revived batteries

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Re: Electric vehicles with a new twist. These are photos of Rob Matthies and Gary Tang, two electric vehicle hobbyists in greater Vancouver. who got positively charged up, and collaborated to create what appears to be the
world's first licensed electric pickup truck that runs on very, very low cost batteries: Dead batteries that have been revived back to life. In some cases, the revived batteries have been tested to exceed the original manufacturers' specifications, as shown in these photos. There is no climate-changing infernal-combustion engine in this little truck. It doesn't roar, it hums sweetly. Soooo swweeetly. Two Burnaby newspapers sent their photographers over. Byron, a Burnaby electric cyclist with an ebike that has super-capacitors, also came over to check out the "free-ride" e-truck, with his son. Sustainability can be fun, too: The little red electric dirt bike was positively a hoot!

Click here for more info about Gary's cool projects.

Clickable links to webpages about Revived Batteries:
In the newspapers ($$$$ worth given away)
Handed out at Greendrinks
Re-Energized Electric Bike Batteries
Donated to the Christmas Wish Breakfast
Method of reviving batteries taught at Silbury School
Given away to needy by a street ministry
Mom's scooter runs on set of revived batteries
In support of Vancouver's public libraries
Given away at the Van. Elec. Vehicle Assn. expo
Students succeed in world's first solar-panel battery revival on a sun-less day
Given out by City staff at bike lane opening
Given out at cycling event for rider safety

Click here to see Burnaby News Leader article, 23 February 2007
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IMPORTANT NOTE: How long do revived batteries last for electric vehicles? We've been reviving batteries for ebikes and escooters for three years, and simply transferred our knowledge to a 4-wheeled EV. One the red Ego-II, I got 3 years' use of a single set of batteries whereas most Ego-II owners (who used them daily) got only 6 months. As you can see from the links above, we've given away thousands of dollars worth of revived batteries for disability scooters, years ago, at four locations in greater Vancouver.

COST COMPARISON: Usually, my out-of-pocket cost for a revived battery for EV's was almost nothing, just the cost of chasing them down, and picking them up. How long do revived batteries last? That depends on the suitability of the battery charger and how I charge the batteries. If the charger is suitably programmed, and used properly, the battery can be revived 5x-6x, according to my experience with my Currie and Ego ebikes. (Some battery chargers are bad for batteries, especially when they are out-of-spec, from vibration, and being dropped. One effect of a bad/unsuitable charger is a ballooned-battery, as seen on Merida and Raylight ebikes.)

- Rob Matthies

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